El-Hadidy Group for Agriculture and Export is committed to the highest standards of moral, social and environmental responsibility, believing in a policy of responsible citizenship that is not only consistent with its duties towards society, but also compatible with its long-term commercial and financial objectives, and the concept of product quality has changed to include responsible sourcing.

Towards Our Staff


El-Hadidy Group has contributed to providing job opportunities for many in various disciplines, whether agricultural, administrative or financial. El-Hadidy Group also contributes to achieving economic development and working to improve the standard of living of its workers, their families and their communities.

El-Hadidy is committed to setting procedures and responsibilities in accordance with the guidance document and granting fair and transparent wages to the workers and employees of the company and working together hand in hand from the beginning of the agricultural process through the operating and shipping stages, all the way to the customer.

Also, the employees working hours are determined based on the Egyptian regulations, as well as the vacations & medical insurances.

Towards Our Country


By addressing corporate social responsibility issues, El-HadidY assured that its business practices are sustainable, responsible, transparent and that he is a respected member in the surrounding community, and community development through the application of standards that include fair trade standards and the requirements of environmentally sound agricultural practices.

El-Hadidy focuses on several points, the most important of which are the limited and safe use of agricultural chemicals, the proper and safe management of waste, and the preservation of soil fertility and water resources. Working on initiatives to encourage more environmental responsibility.

We pay Taxes regularly in order to contribute to the gross of our country. Because of this contribution, taxes help spur economic growth which in turn has a ripple effect on the country’s economy; raising the standard of living, increasing job creation.

Towards The World


El-Hadidy seeks to implement all the provisions of the United Nations global agreement, where El-Hadidy Group is based on supporting and respecting the protection of internationally declared human rights, within the scope of its influence, Ensure that the company is not involved in any human rights violations.

It works to preserve the freedom to choose relationships and the effective recognition of the right to conclude collective deals, Eliminate all forms of forced and compulsory labor, Effective elimination of child labor and eliminate discrimination in jobs and professions.