Freshly picked Zesty and full of natural juicy vitamin C VIEW PRODUCT Quality Citrus GRAPES Crisp cracking & deliciously sweet. Extra large with blushed red skin and sweet. VIEW PRODUCT Pomegranate A buttery smooth texture with a perfect tart yet sweet flesh. VIEW PRODUCT Mango Tender and pebbly skin with a strong, sweet taste. VIEW PRODUCT Mandarin

We are expert in producing & exporting agriculture products

The main reason behind our long years of success is that we do not rely on any outsources

25+Years of Experience
150+Happy Clients


Our fruits have traveled to many destinations around the world. We offer prompt processing of shipments and impeccable product safety by carefully moving the produce directly from our lands to our affiliated packing house where the fruits are sorted one by one, then washed and packaged strictly under EU standards, prior to being shipped to the client with very minimum intermediate handling.


We’ve been
for over 25 years.
El Hadidy farms proudly fall on a land total of around 1000 acres (Average 4,200,000m²) in Nubaria dedicated to citrus and fruits.

Our farms are family owned and carefully monitored through an integrated food safety and quality management system.

We have created around 200 job opportunities for El-Hadidy Group family members that work hand-in-hand everyday to nurture our lands and prosper the seeds.

Our fruits have traveled to many destinations

Our team of highly skilled agricultural experts starts with monitoring the seeding process all the way to the picking, washing, packaging and shipping phase of the fruit.